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Villa Chiara e la cucina del sorriso di Fabiana Scarica a Vico Equense tra orto e Top Chef Italia

Villa Chiara Orto e Cucina a Vico Equense Via Pacognano, 19 Tel.  081 802 9165 C’è una terza possibilità tra gli agriturismo da 25 euro a pranzo e i grandi stellati della Penisola Sorrentina? Si, è il sorriso di Fabiana Scarica, non ancora trentenne, che regala una sosta nel verde poco conosciuto con un cucine […]

L’articolo Villa Chiara e la cucina del sorriso di Fabiana Scarica a Vico Equense tra orto e Top Chef Italia sembra essere il primo su Luciano Pignataro Wine&Food Blog.

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Villa Chiara e la cucina del sorriso di Fabiana Scarica a Vico Equense tra orto e Top Chef Italia


China Wine Press | Changyu buys three Chilean wineries, California-China links, Geoff Raby wine

All the wine world’s a stage and China keeps getting bigger roles. Some press coverage of that drama. Compiled by J. Boyce I recently posted that

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China Wine Press | Changyu buys three Chilean wineries, California-China links, Geoff Raby wine


Hail to England. Il metodo classico in Inghilterra, storia assaggi e inevitabili confronti

Hail to England, lo storico disco tributo alla perfida Albione dei Manowar, risale al 1984. Fu inciso per scusarsi di un tour promesso e poi cancellato. Fu un notevole successo di pubblico e ci ha lasciato almeno due pezzi validi: … continua

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Hail to England. Il metodo classico in Inghilterra, storia assaggi e inevitabili confronti


Chi è Diego Bonato, il giovane enologo veneto vincitore del premio Giulio Gambelli 2017

di Marina Betto L’ edizione 2017 del premio Giulio Gambelli,che vuole premiare l’enologo under 35 che abbia saputo incarnare l’idea del vino portata avanti dal grande maestro del Sangiovese, quest’anno è stato assegnato ex equo a due giovani enologi: Diego Bonato e Luca Faccenda. Ho avuto modo di conoscere personalmente Diego presso l’azienda Tolaini a […]

L’articolo Chi è Diego Bonato, il giovane enologo veneto vincitore del premio Giulio Gambelli 2017 sembra essere il primo su Luciano Pignataro Wineblog.


Chi è Diego Bonato, il giovane enologo veneto vincitore del premio Giulio Gambelli 2017


Vins du Monde…

Bonjour/bonsoir, Quand un de mes dealers me propose de voyager à travers le monde sans changer de siège ni de verre, je réponds forcément présent !! Je ne connais pas de pays plus chauvin que notre Hexagone en matière de vins (à part les Ricains, les…

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Vins du Monde…


Time For Me At The Rebstock

Every year…10 days ‘me’ time…
Friday 26 August
Arrived unpacked and a thai massage to relax the shoulders.
Evenings’ choice…
Tement Zieregg IZ Sauvignon Blanc 2008
South Styria, Austria
Nose of gooseberry and lychee…slick minerals…soft nougat sweetness…never ending pleasure here…someone wrote a wine for experts…but even the normal folk would have to appreciate this goodie.

Saturday 27 August
An annoying fly had kept me awake until midnight…altho…to be honest…it may have been the cigar after the meal….but so nice to sit out until 10pm after the meal.
With just a morcel to eat and then a long walk to
Kappelrodeck. The plan was to stop over at a cafe…but it was closed as they had a wedding…so I continued homeward throught the vineyards.

Soup for lunch on the terrace…then plum tart and coffee along with a cohiba.
Bettina…long standing waitress…was asked to open my choice for the evening…one of the wines I had brought with me. Four hours airing…
Wittmann Brunnenhäuschen Riesling 2011
Rheinhessen, Germany
Nose of yellow fruit…and as always…the Wittmann minerality…this just got better with air…trace of bitter grapefruit…lingering finish. Very drinkable…but give it a few hours in the decanter.
Tomato Terrine and Kotelett
Sunday 28 August
Another hot day….and a walk down the road to a cafe across from the Winzergenossenschaft…then back through the lower vineyards…and a soup for lunch…and a large glass of alcohol free beer.
Outside on the terrace…and we had a quick rain shower.
Keller Abts Riesling 2012
Rheinhessen, Germany
This was the first vineyard purchased by the Kellers after much investigation, but they showed super-human patience in the negotiations. Consider that they bought their parcel way back in 1996 yet were forced to wait nearly ten years for the current lease to end in 2005 before they could produce a single bottle under their label.
Aroma of pears…freshly cut grass…and a touch of lemon.
Elegant with super salty minerality and bright acidity with very long finish. Pure…precise…perfection…

Monday 29 August
Cooler today…and I had breakfast on the terrace. light lunch …soup…at cafe Glatt in Achern…then a walk to the sitting area above the vineyards…

Had this wine a few times…

Ziereisen Jaspis Gutedel 10 Hoch 4 2011
Baden, Germany
Repeat…repeat…like a great White Burgundy. Give it a large glass…and take a large whiff…and an extra large gulp. Only kidding…but this is very good. Butter and caramel aftertaste. Long…long…
Food…Warm Goose liver and Zander Filet
A couple I met last year were there again. They like their wine…so after they were given a glass of mine….they offered back Huber’s Wildenstein Spätburgunder 2010…still wild and complex.
We arranged to meet up for dinner next day.

Tuesday 30 August
Another massage…then into Achern to buy some new shoes for walking.

Tried them out through he vineyards…as I never wear socks in Summer…no blisters…great.
Franz Josef and Caroline arrived…they had brought along a bottle purchased from the Saar.
It was a pleasant opener while we chose the food.
Jumping ahead…I wanted something for the main course that needed little attention…as we would be chatting. The lamb was not the correct choice!
Too much work…
Back to the starters…and I had asked for the Hirtzberger to be given a couple of hours.
Hirtzberger Hochrain Smaragd Riesling 2010
Wachau, Austria
First impression was a little fat….but as it mixed in the glass the hidden acidity came through.
This would have complimented the Warm Goose Liver eaten on the previous evening…

We had discussed a few possibilities for the red…Franz Josef thinking about the Wildenstein 2009…I would have been happy with trying the Tignanello 2007 or the Spanish Ygay 2005…but they let me guide them to Becker’s top Pinot…a wine I had drank with friends a few months ago.
Becker Pinot Noir 2009
Pfalz, Germany
Fuller evolved and ready…oak just about hovering on the nose…and perfect served cooler on the warm evening.

Wednesday 31 August
Long hike to the Zuckerbergschloss….listening to the music I love…Soul and Gospel. Reibekuchen and a beer…

then on the way back…a coffee and apple tart at Huber’ cafe.
For the evening…
Asked for a table in the corner of the terrace. Have a feeling I do not want to converse tonight…and the staff know what I want.
The wine I want is the surprise last time I was here.

Robert Weil Kiedrich Gräfenberg Riesling trocken 2007

Rheingau, Germany

I loved this…floral notes…peaches…perfect time with the minerals and acidity stroking the Rheingau fruit. Exciting wine…harmonious…just my style.

Points 17.75

Thursday 01 September
Breakfast with Franz Josef and Caroline
The shoes are made for walking…getting a rhythm…at this rate I will sell the car…buy myself a case of Keller’s G-Max. Which leads me into the evening…and I was undecided what to drink. The plan HAD been…to sit with owner Karl Hodapp and share some wines…but yesterday he fell off his bike…and wine was not on the menu for his evening.

I sat on the terrace and both Claudi and Sandro greeted me with…wine is on the house! I threatened a G-Max 2014…which I know is in a mixed case Karl had collected from the property a few months ago…and we laughed. I compromised with a repeat of the Abtserde 2012.

Friday 02 September
Fancied a Pizza for lunch…Pizzeria in Achen…only ate half…look at the size of it!
Friday afternoon…Karl had recovered enough to join me for a cup of tea…and said to leave the two bottles I had brought with me…they are covered up and he has no idea what they are…and sometime in November we will empty them. Karl said he was well enough for the usual glass I send into the kitchen…and suggested Keller’s Silvaner Feuervogel 2015 which has a flinty nose…herby…quite full and juicy…soft smokey minerals…and vibrant acidity. Think it will be ok with warm Goose Liver followed by the Entrecôte.
Points 17
So here I am…slumming it again with Klaus Peter Keller…he would be proud of me!

Saturday 03 September
Walked up to the Hochsitz and ate some on the Pizza from yesterday. When I watch films and people are eating cold Pizza I shudder…but this was not bad. Weather is still warm…but the light clouds are keeping off the sun. It must be a record for my visits…every night eating out n the terrace!
At last…the Quail is on the menu…filled with Blutwurst und Gänseleber…a perfect match for the wine.
Knoll Riesling Pfaffenberg Selection 2006
Wachau, Austria
Last of the three bottles I brought from home.
Yellow with green tinges…gorgeous nose…yellow apples…pineapples…and it continues onto the palate…10 years old…and a point…still quite full…but that is Knoll’s style.

Sunday 04 September
Never tire of the trees viewed from the balcony…
Breakfast on the terrace…but it is cloudy.
The local football team are at home…and an early kick-off. They won 3-0.

Rain came as the game finished…but I was prepared.
No way you could sit outside tonight…so inside to the Stube.
I have been off the red wine…but tonight…last night…a red I tried 2 years ago.
Dominus Estate 2004
Napa Valley, U.S.A.
Nose bacon-like…complex cedar…loads of blackcurrants…creamy…soft and lush…but earthy enough to hold your attention.
Points 17.5
  • Monday 05 September
    And so another 10 years atthe Rebstock. Always a please to me up with Karl
    wife Sandra and son Basti.Their world seems far away from the problems of the
    world…long may it remain so.

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Time For Me At The Rebstock